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A Short Introduction about File Corruption

You might have come across files on your computer that become unusable all of a sudden. Computer files that turn unusable or get damaged abruptly are what we call 'corrupted' files. A computer file can become corrupted due to many reasons. For the most part you cannot repair the file but in some contexts, it is possible to retrieve or repair these corrupted file. There are some unique cases where it becomes mandatory to delete the corrupted files as soon as it is detected.

A corrupted file might happen because of imperfection or bug in the software used to make and control the file being referred to. Frequently, this is a brief issue that will happen once, then, at with a restart or repair, vanish for eternity. On different occasions, the bug might be the aftereffect of an invasion by a virus or hack that upsets the capacity of the program. An common scenario that affects many users is incomplete download which will cause file corruption. When the user tries to open this file the system provides an error message.

cannot open file

Another common reason for a corrupted file occuring is when a user goes to save their files. For instance, imagine that your system crashes during the process of saving a file. This might corrupt a file. Power supply interruptions are another reason responsible for data corruption. Numerous files can get corrupted due to power supply interruption so this is a big one to watch out for and why many people recommend having something like a UPS.

Similarly, apps can face errors during creating files. The most common reason you will face this scenario is if you are on a computer at work or some other 'locked down' scenario and the browser or program you are using does not have the administrative rights to create a file. Most commonly this will be a browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc but sometimes can be a program like Microsoft Word or Excel.

The first step to adapt when you encounter a corrupted file is to rely on the system tools. Most of the time, a corrupted file can be recovered when the corruption is a result of a temporary technical glitch in the operating system. Newer programs like Microsoft Word, excel, etc often give you the option of trying to recover the file when you start it up.
recover file
The other option is to use some sort of data-recovery tools which we have outlined in our some of our other blog posts How to Recover Corrupted Files.

There are websites that offer file corruption services. Some people use these sites to corrupt a file when they need an extension to the due date or when they are late with their assignment or work. The most famous site for this is ours: Corrupt My file and when you use our site the file you receive is guaranteed to be corrupted and unrecoverable.
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